Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Complaint About Blogger

I love Blogger but for the second time, I have gotten bad feedback about it. The first was from my sister, Terrie who wanted to place herself as a follower on my blog. She said when she tried there were SO MANY POPUPS and she didn't sign in because she was afraid of getting a virus.

My most recent complaint came from my blogger friend, Barbara Radisavljevic who wrote me the following note:

"Mona, I wanted you to know I wanted to read your Philippine Consumerist blog just now and every time I got on the page I was redirected an ad for something very different and could not get back to your blog. I wonder if this is affecting other people trying to read your blog."

I tried to look for an official site with Blogger where I can lodge this complaint, but couldn't find any. I would deeply appreciate Blogger's helping me out on this issue.