Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to Upcycle an Old Suitcase

By Mona Sabalones Gonzalez

I love to upcycle and I hate to throw stuff away. I used to use this broken suitcase as a garbage bucket, where I'd put a large garbage bag in and change it weekly. (I would also clean the "garbage bag suitcase" weekly).

One day I had a feeling my sister was not impressed with my upcycled garbage bag. So, I made it into a dog bed. It worked out very well, because I discovered a lot of our pillows were no longer useful. (That's another blog).

I learned how to upcycle old pillows in several different ways. One way is to make a dog bed. I knew the suitcase was clean because every week I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide with every garbage bag change. So I gave it one more clean, filled it with pillows, added throw pillows (we have too many of them) and covered it with a soft quilt and throw.

The bed was intended for Winniechurchill, which is why her picture is on it. This is because only Mocha is allowed to sleep on the bed with us. But Winniechurchill waits until we're all asleep, then she climbs on the bed and I wake up with her snuggled at my feet.

To my surprise, it was Mocha who loved the bed, not Winnie. Mocha still sleeps at night with us, but the dog bed is her afternoon or day bed and at night, sometimes she'll stay in the dog bed before going to bed with us when we sleep.

You'll notice some black streaks on the white pillow. Mocha moved the quilt and throw underneath and sleeps straight on the pillows, as she likes our scent. These pillows used to be on our bed. The black streaks are textile paint when I was working on another project.

Well -- at least one dog likes the dog bed.